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I was bitten by the classical ballet bug when I had my first class at the age of 6. Ballet was not considered “suitable employment”, so after achieving my Advanced Certificate, ballet was shelved, temporarily, I thought, but…life got in the way. Although I’ve given it a go, I had no passion for gym. When I retired from work, I wanted to find an outlet that I could be passionate about. My husband pointed to a tiny advert in our local paper for Dancing for Wellbeing Lindfield, and the rest is history.

50+ years after my last formal ballet class, and having felt disconnected for all those years, I am now dancing again!  Coming back to ballet after an absence of 50+ years was a daunting prospect. Going back to basics is enormously rewarding. Our teacher, Veronique Price, is so inspiring and encouraging. She is a wonderfully talented and experienced dancer and teacher, and so very patient! Her mini choreographies encourage one to remember sequences to sustain mental health as well as flexibility, balance and weight transfer, which is so significant in the aging process.

The classes are fun with everyone enjoying each other’s company and the encouragement received is appreciated and heartening. All the members of the class are supportive of each other. We all do our very best and we are all improving, no matter what our age or ability. Some have never done ballet before. That doesn’t matter. Veronique spends time individually, focusing on your ability.

Class doesn’t always end once the ballet shoes come off. The camaraderie continues at the coffee shop, if you have time!

B Moodie

I was looking for an exercise regime that would improve my fitness but also be engaging and fun. Dancing for Wellbeing offered that and more. These classes are perfect for improving your balance, posture and core strength. I have also found them to be beneficial in keeping my mind sharp. Learning to master the various ballet positions and steps is challenging but so rewarding when you see how much you improve with practise and perseverance.

Veronique is a wonderful teacher, sharing her knowledge and passion for dance. She encourages you to be the best you can be and I find that very satisfying.

T Thomas

Dancing For Wellbeing is a novel way of bringing body and mind together within a ballet framework that really suits me. I have found it builds my core and leg strength in a very helpful way, so different from a gym routine, wrapped up with fun, humour and the  patience of a terrific ballet teacher, and of course with wonderful classical ballet music and an encouraging peer group. Special care is given to each participant’s individual physical experience and needs so that each can make progress in their own way with no pressure to achieve.

L Whelan

I have always wanted to dance ballet and could not find any where local for ballet adult class. Thankfully, Dancing for Wellbeing came to the rescue. It is a great way to enjoy exercise and it has helped me reduce my pain in lower back. Veronique makes Friday class fun and enjoyable. She is very patient and I love how she gives her attention to each student who needs correcting with their technique.

If you have always wanted to dance ballet, this is the place to go to.

J Fernandez

The Ballet for Balance class promoted during Seniors Week is a real find. The women in the group make the lessons delightful, but the real treasure is Veronique, our inspiring instructor. Veronique is passionate about ballet. She transfers her extensive knowledge and passion gracefully and with good humour. Her demonstrations, vivid images and metaphors make her explanations sparkling clear. She has a genuine interest in each individual. Her critical eye corrects us but always with patience and a thoughtful understanding of our individual problems or limitations. She is also quick to recognise our improvement and compliment us on our progress.

Since the lessons, I’ve become more aware of particular muscles and the movement of my body. I’m attuned to how I am standing, walking and stretching. After each lesson I feel relaxed, lighter and graceful. And my balance has improved.

I certainly look forward to continuing with Veronique’s classes this year, although I haven’t bought a tutu… yet.

C Stevenson